Meet Irvette Timms & Jeff Daniels 


irvete Timms Irvette Timms is an Accredited Buyer's Agent with a specialization in New Builds. She was the managing partner for a real estate partnership and was responsible for taking land through the subdivision process. Irvette has guided buyers on new builds and has expertise in dealing with parcels that are not within a traditional neighborhood setting as well as those in established developments. There are many considerations in a new build and sometimes buyers get overwhelmed with choices. Irvette attends meetings with the builders whenever possible to help buyers ask the right questions and give an outside perspective. Providing guidance on where and how to spend their cash, she often saves buyers money and stress during what can be both an exciting and scary journey to their ultimate goal of their "dream home".

Jeff Daniels is an experienced agent with more than 17 years’ experience in Central PA real estate. He is an Accredited Buyer’s Agent who has sold more than $130 million in residential real estate with a specialization in new construction. Jeff is driven by the desire to help buyers not just build a home, but the best possible home for each individual client. He takes pride in his ability to help his buyers navigate the complicated new build process. His expertise is instrumental in guiding them through the course of lot selection, both in traditional subdivisions and scattered lots as well as the custom build process. There are so many items to consider when building a home and the process can be very stressful for many buyers. Jeff is appreciated by his buyers for his extraordinary commitment to making the process as seamless as possible for each of his buyers by attend meetings with the buyer, builder and design team whenever possible and breaking down each portion of the process individually so that the buyer is not overwhelmed. His clients need someone with knowledge of the new construction process to help them ask questions and remain objective through the decision-making process. Jeff strives to ultimately help them make the best decisions to save money and spend it where it is best used to help them build their dream home within a budget.

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