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Rich Cordaro, Listing Specialist, Realtor®, MBA

Rich understands the anxiety that can come with the search for a new home. Rich has lived in Virginia Beach, Germantown, Maryland, Frederick, Maryland, Palmyra and now calls Harrisburg home. Rich is a patient Listing Specialist, treating each client like family as he aims to make the overwhelming real estate process both peaceful and fun.

In his own words, "It is a wonderful feeling when you can hand over the keys of a home to a couple who wants to start a new family, or an older couple who wants to move into a home where they no longer have to mow the lawn, now that the kids are grown. Whatever their dreams are, we help them achieve their goals as realtors."

Prior to beginning his Real Estate career, Rich attended Bloomsburg University and received his MBA from The University of Maryland. Rich has held various jobs, but by far the most interesting was his position as a product specialist driver. Rich drove across the country for 11 months out of the year, demonstrating the company's products to engineers and purchasing managers.

Along with his passion for real estate, Rich enjoys exercising, landscaping his own home, and sailing. Central PA is a beautiful area, and he enjoys sailing on the Chesapeake Bay as often as he can. Rich volunteers to crew on others' sailboats, which allows him to both spend time on the water as well as meet wonderful people.

Whether he is sailing, attending LCBC or helping someone find a home, it gives Rich great pleasure to be able to assist people in realizing their dreams. Rich consistently strives to live a better life than he did the day before while impacting those around him in a positive way.

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